Encampments emerge at numerous college campuses across the United States.

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New: Confirmed List Of College Campuses That Have Constructed Encampments Across The United States:

How did all these encampments sprout up around the same time and where are the supplies coming from?

• Harvard University
• Arizona State University
• New York University
• City College of New York
• University of NC, Chapel Hill
• Brown University
• Middlebury College
• Bryn Mawr College
• University of NC, Charlotte
• Cal Poly Humboldt
• University of New Mexico
• University of California, Berkeley
• The New School
• University of California, Los Angeles
• Northeastern University
• Northwestern University
• Columbia University
• University of Connecticut
• Ohio State University
• Cornell University
• University of Pennsylvania
• Emerson College
• University of Pittsburgh
• Emory University
• Pitzer College, Claremont
• Fashion Institute of Technology
• Princeton University
• Florida State University
• Purdue University
• University of Florida
• Rice University
• Fordham University
• University of Rochester
• Georgetown University
• Rutgers University
• George Washington University
• University of Southern California
• Hamline University
• Stanford University
• Swarthmore College
• Haverford College
• University of Texas, Austin
• University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
• Tufts University
• Indiana University, Bloomington
• Vanderbilt University
• Barnard College
• Indiana University, Indianapolis
• University of Vermont
• University of Maryland
• Virginia Tech
• University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
• University of Mary Washington
• Washington University
• University of Michigan
• Yale University
• Auraria Campus
• University of Minnesota

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