Embarrassing display from ATF Director on Face the Nation. He doesn’t even know basic weapons vocabulary.

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ATF Director Steven Dettelbach, a Democrat, made numerous mistakes when speaking about firearms during an interview that aired over the weekend.

Speaking with Margaret Brennan on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Dettelbach stood in front of a table that had numerous firearms as he tried what he claimed were loopholes that allow people to get around gun laws.

While speaking about how many rounds some of the AK variant rifles could fire, Dettelbach demonstrated that he did not basic firearm terminology, like the difference between a clip and a magazine.

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Moments later he also demonstrated that he did not know what a pistol brace was when he suggested that it was the same thing as a butt stock. Pistol braces allow the person operating the firearm to stick their wrist through the device and use a piece of velcro to tighten the device around their wrist, thus allowing the operator to fire the weapon only using one hand.

The way that Brennan conducted the interview made it clear that the segment was intended to be pro-gun control propaganda as she stood with her arms crossed expressing disgust and promoting the false narrative that the Second Amendment was created for “hunting.” The Second Amendment was created for the purposes of self-defense and a check against government tyranny.

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ATF Director — I swear we don’t keep a (secret) gun owner’s database.

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