Economic worries rise with money-supply disconnect, soaring national debt, and questionable inflation indicators’ accuracy.

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Amidst the economic landscape, a significant divergence is emerging between the M2 money supply and the rise in consumer prices, indicating a concerning trajectory. This disparity, characterized by the national debt skyrocketing, paints a picture of an economy grappling with money scarcity despite the government’s extensive printing of currency.

At the heart of this divergence is a staggering $34.2 trillion debt, a stark representation of the sacrifices made for today’s gains at the expense of tomorrow’s future. The alarming rise in national debt becomes a critical national security threat, posing risks that extend far beyond financial implications.

With shelter costs soaring by 7.6% and core Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 3.9%, concerns over the accuracy of CPI as a reflection of economic reality intensify. Experts like @profplum99 have long highlighted these discrepancies, warning of potential policy missteps by the Federal Reserve rooted in flawed data.

As the nation grapples with these economic challenges, the spotlight remains on the decisions of those who control the currency printing presses. The unfolding scenario raises questions about the sustainability of current economic policies and the need for vigilant and informed navigation to avert potential pitfalls in the nation’s financial future.

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