Dramatic Moment NATO Top Guns Intercept Russian Warplanes Over The Baltic Sea YESTERDAY

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This is the dramatic moment NATO Top Guns intercept Russian warplanes over the Baltic Sea before heading off another Putin aircraft north of Poland.

It came as the Russian president made a direct threat to nuke the West as he accused NATO and the US of ‘preparing to strike’ Russia in his annual address to the nation.

NATO said that two French Mirage 2000-5s intercepted a Russian SU-30-M aircraft over the Baltic Sea yesterday.

It also noted that directly after, the French fighters were re-tasked to a new mission, where they intercepted a Russian AN-72 flying in international airspace north of Poland.

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On February 12, Russia claimed that NATO had scrambled warplanes to confront a pair of nuclear-capable missile carriers that were seen patrolling the Norwegian Sea.


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All countries in northern Europe bordering Russia are now reporting widespread jamming that could pose a risk to both shipping and aviation.

In the far north, Norwegian Communication Authority says it has received about disturbances to the GPS navigation 44 days in 2024. That is practically every day.

“So far this year until February 22nd it is registered disturbances in 44 days in the airspace over Finnmark,” says senior engineer Nicolai Gerrard, to Dagens Næringsliv.



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