Donald Trump says he won’t quit NATO — if Europe pays its way

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The likely Republican candidate told Nigel Farage he is committed to the military alliance so long as Europe coughs up.

LONDON — Donald Trump has said the U.S. will “100 percent” remain in NATO under his leadership so long as European countries “play fair.”

In an interview with his friend and ally Nigel Farage for British TV channel GB News, due to air Tuesday evening, Trump reaffirmed his commitment to the transatlantic alliance — but warned European nations not to “take advantage” of American support.

His comments may help settle the nerves of Western leaders worried Trump could formally withdraw America from NATO if he wins a second term as U.S. president later this year.

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Trump has been highly critical of NATO for years, and allies’ fears were heightened after the former president — set to face incumbent President Joe Biden in an election on November 5 — said last month he would “encourage” Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to NATO countries which didn’t meet their financial obligations to the alliance.

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