Dom Lucre: “Matt Gaetz just issued a subpoena for Hunter Biden.”

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Read Gaetz’s full subpoena below:

September 19, 2023

To: Robert Hunter Biden

Dear Mr. Biden: In accordance with the House of
Representatives’ duty to investigate President Joseph R.
Biden Jr.’s alleged bribery and other high crimes and
misdemeanors, and in the furtherance of this House’s
impeachment inquiry, please find and comply with this lawful

This subpoena hereby orders the production of relevant
documentary material as set forth on the attached schedule,
followed by your participation in one or more days of
deposition testimony. The deposition will be under oath and
will be led by the professional staff of the Judiciary
Committee as well as members. As with all witnesses who are
required to appear before the Judiciary Committee, you may
raise any relevant privilege objections to specific
questions asked during your deposition. If you intend to
invoke your Fifth Amendment rights against self-
incrimination for your testimony, please so inform the
Judiciary Committee

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Likewise, for any document described in the schedule, you
may make relevant objections in a privilege log, which shall
be produced to the Judiciary Committee by the subpoena
return date. Any privilege assertions should be made with
accompanying information sufficient to allow an informed
assessment of the validity of the asserted privilege.

The attached schedule is focused on records in your custody
and control that are uniquely positioned to provide to the
Judiciary Committee in light of your role in President
Biden’s alleged bribery and other high crimes and
misdemeanors. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

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The United States House of Representatives looks forward to
your cooperation with this subpoena.


Speaker of the House

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