Dollar stores are shutting down across America

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  • Family Dollar announced the closure of nearly 1,000 stores, while 99 Cents Only declared bankruptcy and plans to go out of business.
  • Inflation and shoplifting are cited as contributing factors to their troubles, but analysts believe strategic mistakes and underinvestment are significant underlying issues.
  • Family Dollar has struggled since its acquisition by Dollar Tree in 2015, with the deal proving to be a misjudgment.
  • 99 Cents Only, primarily on the West Coast and Texas, faced challenges including inefficient store operations and an inadequate business model.
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The US dollar store landscape faces upheaval as Family Dollar plans to close numerous stores, and 99 Cents Only faces bankruptcy. While inflation and shoplifting are cited as immediate issues, deeper structural problems, including strategic errors and underinvestment, have plagued both chains.


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