Djokovic: “I was never anti-vax. I was always pro-freedom-to-choose. And that’s something that we took really for granted. I didn’t feel like a lot of people had a choice, really.”

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He’s right. People were told you had to take this experimental injection to keep your job, to travel abroad etc. That’s coercion and that violates the Nuremberg Code. There is literally no argument you can make to justify what was done and those that did it and those that enforced it should be arrested, immediately. Will that happen? I wish, but not likely. I notice places like New Zealand already started the “nobody was forced to take it” narrative.

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via tmz:

Despite being turned away from multiple major tournaments over his refusal to get the COVID vaccine, Novak Djokovic is insisting he’s not an anti-vaxxer.

The tennis superstar — who just secured his 24th major championship with a victory at this month’s U.S. Open — broke the whole situation down for John McEnroe during a recent interview for Omaha Productions’ “McEnroe’s Places.”

Djokovic told the tennis legend on the show that his gripe with the COVID vaccine situation was not necessarily whether it was effective or anything like that … but rather, the way he perceived it was being forced onto people.


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