DIESEL WORKS: Trucker warns over impact of EVs: Failure of technology could be ‘catastrophic.’

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During an interview on FOX Business’ “The Big Money Show,” JKC Trucking co-owner Mike Kucharski explained that while he supports the integration of green energy, new EPA regulations are “extremely frustrating” and cautioned that technology could come at a “catastrophic” price.

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He warned that the trucking industry is particularly susceptible to the consequences of pushing electric vehicles “too fast with little testing and data.”
“Electric trucks, No. 1, are too expensive, and this technology is being pushed through way, way too fast with little testing and data,” he shared.

“Truckers need proven technology, because if technology fails, the entire supply chain will be dead in the water. Failure is not merely inconvenient, it’s catastrophic. And this is not an option, especially for the food supply chain of America.”

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