Denver public schools face unprecedented challenge as migrant influx spurs 250 new students weekly.

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Denver’s public school system is grappling with an unprecedented challenge as it absorbs an influx of new students, with as many as 250 joining each week since the beginning of the year. School officials attribute this surge to the increase in the number of migrants arriving in the city.

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Superintendent Alex Marrero expressed the magnitude of the situation in a message to the community posted on the district’s website. The surge in new students is expected to cost an additional $837,000 to meet the additional needs across the system, putting pressure on the school’s resources.

The district has witnessed a substantial increase in new-to-country students, with 3,221 joining from July 1, 2023, to January 2024. Since October 1, 2023, more than 1,300 new students have enrolled in Denver schools, posing a significant challenge to the educational infrastructure.

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