Democrats officially enter panic mode after Kennedy announcement. Check these quotes. Kennedy’s sister knows Bobby hurts Biden much more than Trump.

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Politics can be a messy game, and the latest drama unfolding between Democrats and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is no exception. With Kennedy’s recent announcement of his running mate, Nicole Shanahan, tensions are running high as accusations fly and fingers point.

Kennedy’s move to select Shanahan has sparked a firestorm of criticism from Democrats, who argue that the duo’s candidacy will only serve to benefit former President Trump. They label Kennedy as a “spoiler” fueled by GOP funds and conspiracy theories, lambasting his presidential aspirations and urging him to step back from the race.

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But the drama doesn’t end there. Even within Kennedy’s own family, concerns are brewing. Rory Kennedy, his sister, voiced her worries about his candidacy potentially siphoning votes away from President Biden, which could ultimately tip the scales in favor of Trump.

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In the midst of this political whirlwind, one thing is clear: the stakes couldn’t be higher. With the 2024 election looming large, every vote counts, and the battle lines are drawn. As Kennedy’s independent bid throws a new wildcard into the mix, the outcome hangs in the balance.


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