Debt Ceiling Fight Begins, McCarthy Dares the House to Get Rid of Him

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via Mike Shedlock:

This phony budget crisis will end the same way it always does, with a Republican cave-in. But a House Speakership is on the line this time. That ups the popcorn rating index a bit more than normal.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Proposal

  • 8% spending cut for domestic agencies
  • Resumption of border wall construction
  • No funds for Ukraine

Although that plan would never make it out of the Senate alive, one might think it would at least appease the hardcore Right. However, one would be wrong.

Bloomberg reports McCarthy Demands 8% Spending Cut, Border Wall to Avert Shutdown

McCarthy immediately faced opposition from some GOP ultra-conservatives that could doom the plan. Six hard-right lawmakers quickly announced their opposition. McCarthy can only afford to lose four Republicans, without Democratic support.

McCarthy became so frustrated with hardliners’ opposition to any spending measures that he dared them at a meeting on Thursday to try to oust him from his leadership position.

There is no way McCarthy can get the above list but even that is not enough. As of Monday, there were 10 hard-liners calling for more budget cuts and other items.

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Got Popcorn?

The new set of requirements includes defunding the investigation into Donald Trump and blocking the spending of previous Ukraine aid.

As terms to win speakership, McCarthy agreed to a rule change in which a single House member could bring a “motion to vacate,” which forces a vote on removing the speaker. With only four votes to spare, Democrats would sit back and laugh at the process that would ensue.

It took 15 rounds of votes to anoint McCarthy. It’s unclear how many votes it might take if Republicans forced another vote. As a negotiation tactic, this looks silly, two ways, first on the process, second because nothing will fly in the Senate anyway.

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I am inclined to believe Republicans can’t possibly be so stupid, but who knows. Sillier things have happened.

Meanwhile, McCarthy might have to work a deal with House Democrats to get something passed. That would be more than a bit humiliating. “We’ve got a long ways to go. We’ve got a lot of different ideas,” McCarthy said of the intra-party talks.

Get the popcorn ready, just in case.

Whether or not we need popcorn for the clown show shenanigans, this will end with humiliation for the Republicans.

Meanwhile, enjoy the energy crunch and UAW hardball.


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