Dead European satellite weighing 5,000lbs will crash back to Earth this month – and experts still don’t know where it will land

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ERS-2 launched in 1995 to collect data on Earth’s land, oceans and polar caps
It’s finally coming back to Earth – but experts can’t say exactly when or where

It’s been floating above our planet for nearly 30 years.

But a satellite launched by the European Space Agency (ESA) is finally set to crash back down to Earth this month.

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ERS-2, which blasted off from French Guiana in 1995, weighs just over 5,000lbs – about the same as an adult rhinoceros.

Experts at ESA say it will reenter the planet’s atmosphere ‘mid-February’, although exactly when or where it will land is as yet unknown.

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The agency expects any parts of the machine to ‘likely fall into the ocean’ – and stresses that the risk of being injured by space debris is less than 1 in 100 billion.

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