DC mom given $10,800 taxpayer-funded lump sumto help poor families spends $6,000 trip to MIAMI, a $180 haircut, wanted to teach hardwork to kids

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‘I wanted to blow it. I wanted to have some fun’: DC mom given $10,800 taxpayer-funded lump sum as part of scheme to help poor families spends $6,000 on luxury trip to MIAMI, a $180 haircut and 15 vacation outfits for her three kids

is it wrong to give her family a fun time ???

Canethia Miller, 27, splurged through $10K intended for impoverished mothers

She shared how she put a majority of her program cash into a luxury Miami trip

Other young moms said they put the windfall into paying down their debts

A Washington DC mom has shared how she splurged most of a $10,000 taxpayer-funded lump sum intended for impoverished mothers on a luxury holiday to Miami.

Canethia Miller, 27, was accepted onto a DC government pilot last year as she and he three children were struggling to make ends meet. The Strong Futures program is one of many across the US – but the only one to offer the cash as a $10,800 lump sum, rather than in 12 smaller monthly installments.

Miller opted for the former – and confessed to the Washington Post that she splurged more than $6,000 of the windfall on a five night trip to Miami for herself and her three sons.

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‘I wanted to blow it. I wanted to have fun,’ she said. The spending spree included 15 brand new outfits for her kids – one for each child for each day of the vacation – and a $180 haircut to make her not ‘look like a working, stressed mom.’

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Joined by her children’s father, they splashed out on luxury amenities including steak dinners, new gadgets and toys for her kids, brand new outfits, and a boat tour past Miami’s most expensive mansions.

now this is where this takes a turn for the crazy

Miller justified the extravagance by saying she hoped to inspire her children and teach them that if they work hard they too may be able to afford a Miami mansion.

SHe wanted to teach them with hard work they could get a mansion while on a trip from 10k not from hard work but from the taxpayers who did the hardwork and it was given to her !!!!


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