Dave Benner: ‘Nothing ruins the reputations of smart, skilled, and brilliant non-white males more than DEI.’

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“Scott Adams

Allow me to put a stake through the heart of DEI for you.

If DEI proponents wanted to achieve the kind of diversity
that is good for every member of society, they would correct
the Democrat/Republican imbalance in our most important

A lack of Republicans on staff caused Twitter, Facebook, and
Google to censor free speech for years before getting

A lack of Republican voices in the corporate news business —
excluding the FoxNews bubble — allowed over 20 major
political hoaxes to flourish in the past 5-7 years. (The
Right had a few too.)

A lack of Republicans destroyed the reputation of Harvard.
Republicans would have added balance to leadership.

Google’s Gemini AI — literally the future of their business
— died in the crib because of a lack of Republicans on

I don’t think I need to list the other corporations that
shot themselves in the feet because they had too few
Republicans on staff. You know all the stories.

Now name something that broke because of too many
Republicans. I’ll give you abortion, if that’s your l
worldview. Now name another.

Hey, Black American men, do you want to increase your odds
of success? Just copy Republicans. They have developed a
mindset and a set of traditions that have always worked, no
matter who uses the methods.

Democrats, on the other hand, are biased toward using
victimization as a tool for success. That’s a female
strategy. When men do it, it looks pathetic to both sides.
It is a losing strategy for men. (Still good for women and

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But Black men, your DEI does not improve your access to the
mentors and networking and winning mindset of Republicans.
It does the opposite.

Are you thinking of getting a face tattoo and dropping out
of school? Talk to a Republican before you do that. Any
Republican. Anywhere. Any time. They will stop what they are
doing and give you honest and useful advice.

And if you follow that advice, they will offer you a job or
recommend you, because people who can take advice and
implement it are like diamonds. Everyone wants them.

I’m a registered Democrat, but I grew up among Republicans
and they are my current audience. I’m not guessing how they
operate. You only hear about fuck off Republicans, the
same way Republicans think Democrats are crazier than they
are on average.

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Now I will tell you, Black American men, something you would
not be allowed to say in your bubble: The root cause of the
DEI debacle is batshit crazy white women who don’t know how
anything works outside the female experience.

Check the stats. Republican women literally have a fraction
of the mental health issues of liberal women. Now look at
the saucer-eyed Democrats on MSNBC and tell me they don’t
look mentally ill. You see it.

Sure, some Republicans are also nuts, but it’s a matter of

For women, DEI probably looks like a plus. For Black men,
DEI is a huge source of systemic racism that didn’t need to

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