COP 28: Climate reparations are here.

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by Chris Black

COP isn’t a new acronym, but the United Nations’ climate conference and it’s been running for decades.

Farhana Yamin is a key architect of the UN’s Paris Climate Agreement who seems to be involved ( with the British deep state and she attended COP28 promoting decolonization and reparations.

These aren’t just social clubs for elites to “feel like important visionaries” or to “appease libtards,” they’re places where policy proposals get worked out and agreed upon by globalist leaders around the world.

You see the same policies and rhetoric espoused by leftists in every Western country.

“Wealthy countries might finally pay for the climate change they caused.”

“Today, on the opening day of COP28, the United Nations climate summit in Dubai, the host country pushed through a decision that wasn’t expected to happen until the last possible minute of the two-week gathering: the creation and structure of the “loss and damage” fund, which will source money from developed countries to help pay for climate damages in developing ones. For the first time, the world has a system in place for climate reparations.”

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Source: Atlantic (Nov 2023) (

“Climate reparations” means stealing even more money from the White taxpayer and “redistributing” it to random brown people worldwide.

White countries already send the Third World billions of dollars in “aid” money ever year, what more could they possibly need?

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They don’t deserve a single cent and they should be forced to repay all of it.

The UN & WEF’s main agendas include promoting mass migration, LGBT, feminism, etc.

The climate hoax is used to justify practically the entire left-wing agenda; mass migration, wealth redistribution, Orwellian surveillance, global governance, etc.

“Climate reparations” were discussed at the UN’s COP27 before being accepted at COP28.

The UN is now founding a “loss and damage” fund to “source money from developed countries to help pay for climate damages in developing ones.”

COP28 president Sultan al-Jaber (head of the UAE’s state oil firm) said ( this is “the first time a decision has been adopted on day one of any COP.”

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