Construction jobs just imploded

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Hires down 50%!

JOLTs job openings for construction
The JOLTs job openings declined by -325K in the month of March. Within that report, there was an oversized decline in the Construction sector.

More specifically, the construction sector showed a decline of -182K job openings for March. That took the job openings from 456K in February to 274K in March. That is quite a sharp move to the downside (see chart above) from an absolute level and also on a % basis (the decline was -40%).

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We know rates have moved higher in 2024, but at the end of March (the JOLTS report was for March), the 10-year yield was at 4.21%. Rates in the 10-year sector (and across the curve) have since moved to a high last week of 4.739%, up about 53 basis points (10 year yield is now at 4.68%) . That’s a 12.5% increase.

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