Constitutional Court Ruling Sends Shockwaves Through Germany: 60 Billion Euro Gap Emerges, and Subsidies for Covering Higher Energy Prices Go ‘South Park’ Style

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The recent ruling by the German constitutional court, declaring the government’s Climate Budget fund as illegal and unconstitutional, has delivered a sudden blow, tearing a significant 60-billion-euro hole in the budget virtually overnight. With an additional 200 billion euros at stake, intended for economic and societal stabilization amid escalating energy costs, the potential fallout casts a shadow over Germany’s economic stability.

The German constitutional court, ruled on November 15th. That the German government Climate Budget fund is illegal and unconstitutional.

This rips a hole of 60 Billions one day to another in the budget.
200 Billions are on stake too because it’s done the same way.These 200bn. Where set to be used as stabilisation for the economy and society amid rising energy costs.

This could be the final nail in the coffin for Germanys economy, and could spark widespread unrest, as the subsidies for the cover of the higher energy prices seems to be gone southpark style.

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