Conor McGregor: “Shame on the Irish government for harboring this. THIS IS YOUR FAULT AND WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! Despicable system!

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“It just sickens me to the core that someone can come to
this country, be fully supported in terms of social housing,
social welfare, and free medical care for over 10 years –
over 10 years – never hold down a legitimate job and never
once contribute to society in any way shape or form [and]
can commit such a horrendous, evil act of incomprehensible
violence on such a beautiful, loving and talented person who
in fact, worked for the State, educating the next generation
and represented everything that is good about Irish society.

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I feel like this country is no longer the country that
Ashling and I grew up in and has officially lost its
innocence when a crime of this magnitude can be perpetrated
in broad daylight.

This country needs to wake up; this time things have got to

We have to, once and for all, start putting the safety of
not only Irish people but everybody in this country who
works hard, pays taxes, raises families and overall
contributes to society, first.

We don’t want to see any other family in this country go
through what we have gone through and are continuing to go

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This time, if real change does not happen, if the safety of
people living in this country is further ignored, I’m afraid
our country is heading down a very dangerous path and you
can be certain that we will not be the last family to be in
this position.

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