Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Plunged To -3.90 In January (Consumers Suffering Under Bidenomics With Food Prices UP 21% Under Biden, Diesel Fuel Prices UP 90%)

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by confoundedinterest17

Confidence! It’s what consumers DON’T have under Bidenomics.

For the fourth straight month, The Conference Board revised its consumer confidence data significantly lower. In fact January’s was the biggest downward revision since Feb 2022. And Conference Board Consumer Confidence was DOWN to -3.90 in January, the worst since Feb 2022.

It really isn’t surprising the consumer confidence stinks. Food prices (CPI) are UP 21% under Vacation Joe Biden. Diesel fuel prices are UP 90% under Listless Joe.

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Well, Biden’s appearance on (unfunny) Seth Myer’s Late Night Show certainly didn’t make me feel more confident about America’s future.

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