Concerns Mount as Texas Housing Development Becomes Haven for Thousands of Illegal Immigrants, Raising Cartel Worries

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A sprawling settlement north of Houston, Texas, has raised significant concerns as thousands of illegal immigrants are believed to have established themselves in the area. Experts and elected officials fear that this development, situated 400 miles inland within the United States, could potentially become a strategic asset for cartels.

This massive settlement, located in Liberty County, was funded by the Harris Family, well-known political donors hailing from Cut and Shoot. Astonishingly, it has become the largest settlement of illegal immigrants in the entire country, with over 75,000 individuals now residing in the area. Todd Bensman from the Center for Immigration Studies reveals that this development was intentionally designed to accommodate these immigrants. “Its creation was enabled by the direct owner-to-buyer sale of three-quarter lots in the area to market to illegal immigrants specifically,” he explains, adding that this practice has persisted for a decade.

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The marketing company for the community, Terrenos Houston, openly caters to illegal immigrants, emphasizing that they do not require traditional loans. Instead, immigrants can acquire land through ITIN loans, bypassing the need for a Social Security Number in the application process.

With the federal government seemingly unresponsive to this situation and even encouraging, the onus falls on state governors, including Governor Abbott of Texas, and other elected officials to take action. Many are now looking to these leaders to employ the full extent of their legislative and executive powers to address this issue, viewing it as the only peaceful resolution to what they see as a concerning development. It is feared that cartels may be establishing legitimate housing for their operatives right within the United States in the form of entire housing developments.

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This situation has raised questions about immigration policies, border control, and the role of state authorities in addressing issues that have broader national security implications.



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