CNN Poll: 61% of Americans Think Biden a Crook Who Has Ruined the Economy

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An eye-popping 61% of Americans think that President Joe Biden was involved with his son Hunter’s corrupt business dealings, while nearly 60% said the president’s policies are making the economy worse.

The tsunami of scandals and public missteps swamping the vacationeer-in-chief has eroded his public standing across all demographics and crossed partisan lines, according to the brutal results of a CNN poll released Thursday, which showed only 26% of Americans think Biden has the cognitive capacity to serve effectively as president.

Biden’s overall approval rating with Americans has plummeted to 39%, the start to a string of numbers that CNN was forced to concede “are rough for President Biden,” said White House correspondent Phil Mattingly. “It could spell trouble for Democrats and the president’s hopes for reelection in 2024.”

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Some of the more dire indicators included 70% of Americans who said “things are going badly for the country” and 58% who said they had an unfavorable impression of Biden.

That could be related to a growing number of Americans who think Biden is corrupt and has wrongly interfered with investigations into Hunter Biden’s myriad legal issues.

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The seepage didn’t stop there, and it leaked across partisan lines. Nearly 70% of Democrats said the party should nominate anybody but Biden, and majorities from both parties blamed Biden for their perilous economic straits.

Overall, 73% said they are “seriously concerned Biden’s age might negatively affect his current mental and physical competence,” while 76% are “seriously concerned Biden’s age might negatively affect his ability to serve another full term.”

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