China’s Youth Broken, Crying! Can’t Find Jobs, Top University Diplomas Turn Into Toilet Paper

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A video features a young woman breaking down in tears due to her joblessness. She shares her experience of briefly securing a job, only to be laid off within a month. The ongoing struggle, she fears, is taking a toll on her mental well-being, pushing her to the brink.

Tsinghua University in Beijing recently released its 2022-2023 Undergraduate Teaching Quality Report. As of October 31, 2023, 2,603 of its fresh graduates opted for further studies, accounting for 81%. Of these, 2,100 continued in domestic institutions (making up 65%), while 503 went abroad (which was 16%). The report also reveals that 491 graduates chose employment, making up only 15%. Of these, 284 found jobs through contracted employment, making up 8.8%, while 207 opted for flexible employment, constituting 6.4%.”

The report indicates a surprisingly low percentage of graduates entering contracted employment, less than 10%. Allegations of falsified employment data have surfaced, with claims of universities forcing graduates to report fake employment agreements to receive their diplomas.

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High-Income Chinese Reverting to Poverty! The Chinese Are Broke, With Global Deflation Risks Looming

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