Chilling air traffic control audio reveals utter panic in private jet cockpit

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Disturbing air traffic control audio has revealed a moment of utter panic inside a private jet moments before it crashed onto a Florida freeway, killing two.

The sound captured aboard the Bombardier Challenger 60 plane appears to be one of panicked voices, or a malfunctioning aircraft – but it is impossible to tell.

This was the final transmission made by the plane, which had five people on board, before it crashed onto the I-75 outside Naples at 3.15pm on Friday afternoon.

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Three people survived the tragedy, although details on whether they were injured have not been shared.

None of those on board have been identified and a cause has yet to emerge, although one expert suggested the loss of both engines could have been caused by a bird strike.

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The plane was just one minute away from making an emergency landing at Naples Airport – but another moment of audio reveals how its pilot already knew they would not make it.

‘OK, Challenger, Hop-A-Jet 823, lost both engines, emergency. I’m making an emergency landing,’ the pilot said.

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