Child seized by CPS without court order over medication dispute

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What’s Happening In America? 🚨 Texas Woman Has Her 2 Year Old Child Taken Away For Being Hesitant About The Medication Doctors Were Recommending

“CPS took him without a court order and without police officers seeing an immediate need for his removal”

“The boy’s mother says that she never imagined that taking him to the hospital for a rash would end with him being taken away from her the very next day, and her court hearing is still a week away. I’ve never been away from my son for more than a few hours prior to this incident and has now been 60 days.”

“She took her 2 year old son, Josiah, to Children’s Medical Center Dallas because her son had a rash that she believed was a reaction to a new laundry detergent.

And I realized that his foot was swelling, so, um, I took him to the hospital based on a referral from his pediatrician.

She says the doctor recommended a medicine she was not comfortable with.

I just was not okay with giving him clindamycin since that antibiotic is reserved for more severe infections.

Sanders decided to leave the hospital against medical advice to take Josiah to her pediatrician, which she did. Even so, the next afternoon, CPS officers came to her apartment accompanied by Corinth police. Chief Jerry Gardner told me by phone what his officers observed.”

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