Canadian law could soon see Christians jailed for quoting the Bible

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Should Christians be arrested for quoting portions of the Bible in public? Should pastors be charged with a “hate crime” when they preach against certain sins? Should churches be closed if the government does not approve of their beliefs?

You might think these are ridiculous questions. After all, this is Canada – the “true north strong and free”! Our national motto is “mari usque ad mare”, quoted from Psalm 72:8, which says that Christ shall have dominion “from sea to sea”. This is not communist China!

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However, with the introduction of Bill C-367, all these questions are on the table. I call this bill the “Closet the Christians Bill, because that is exactly what it intends to do – put Christians in the closet. Under threat of jail-time, it will silence believers who oppose the woke ideology that is overrunning our country.

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This repressive, christophobic proposal from Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet is currently before Parliament and may be voted on shortly. If the Trudeau Liberals support this bill, it will most certainly pass, striking a fatal blow against freedom of religion and freedom of expression in this Dominion.


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