Canadian FBI (RCMP) Says Living Standards Are About to Drop Significantly

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This excellent video explains what bad economic shape Canada is in right now as described by a heavily redacted RCMP document (3:37).

* Warns of the “end of abundance”
* Expect widespread disillusionment with Government causing the people will raise up
* Public resistance to the regime will require “counter measures”
* Counter measures likely include significant jail time for “hate speech”

Economic Statistics
* Only 1 in 4 families can afford a house now
* Since 2016 the average Canadian now earns $18k less than the average American
* Business investment down 33%
* Government jobs growing 4x faster than the private sector
* 20% of all workers are in the government most of whom will vote for larger government
* Government workers earn 30% more than private sector
* Private sector pays over 50% of income in taxes

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