Canada: Mortgage delinquency rates soar, hitting 135% in Ontario.

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More Canadians are beginning to crack under the pressure of increased mortgage payments, new data on consumer credit showed today.

Mortgage delinquency rates were up more than 50 per cent at the end of last year from the year before, with two provinces leading the way, says the Equifax Canada credit trends report for the fourth quarter.

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In Ontario and British Columbia, the country’s most expensive housing markets, delinquency rates soared by 135.2 per cent and 62 per cent, respectively, rising above pre-pandemic levels.

An especially “worrying trend” is a sharp increase in mortgage borrowers filing for bankruptcy, the report says. Canada-wide, such filings are up 23 per cent, but in Ontario and British Columbia, bankruptcy filings spiked by 76.5 per cent and 46.5 per cent, respectively.

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