Briton fined £150 for ‘picking his nose and dropping mucus on floor’ by jobsworth enforcement agents

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A hayfever sufferer has been fined £150 for “picking his nose” during his commute to work.

Alex McLeod, 22, was walking between West Ealing and Ealing Broadway Station in West London when he wiped his nose and dropped some mucus on the floor.

The GB News producer was soon tapped on the shoulder by two community support officers.

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McLeod was told picking his nose and dropping mucus on the ground counted as littering.

He said: “At first, I thought this was a joke and they were bored at being made to patrol the streets of Ealing this early on a Sunday morning so I laughed along and thought they were having me on.

“It quickly became apparent that they were not in fact joking.”

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McLeod, who does not intend on paying the £150 fine, considered not handing over details needed for the officers to issue the fixed penalty notice.

However, after the pair reportedly became “irate” and increasingly “insistent”, he handed over his name, date of birth and address to prevent police being called.

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