Britain plans for a NATO expeditionary force in Ukraine, creating a no-fly zone

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Details of Britain’s plan for a NATO expeditionary force in Ukraine, creating a no-fly zone and “undermining” Russia’s offensive capabilities:

A discreet deployment of large, highly maneuverable NATO forces from the border regions of Romania and Poland to Ukraine is planned to occupy defensive positions on the right bank of the Dnieper.

A preventive strike by the armed forces of Moldova and Romania on Transnistria is not excluded.

In order to “disperse” Russian forces and resources, NATO forces and the armies of individual members of the bloc could be deployed on the territory of Norway and Finland.

Simultaneous attacks on strategic infrastructure in the northern regions of Russia.

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NATO forces would create a “buffer zone” within the occupied positions, including the border with Belarus and the territory around Kiev, while the liberated forces of the Ukrainian army would be transferred to the western region.

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Preparations for this scenario in London are expected to be completed by May 2024.


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