Brendan O’Neill sounds alarm on censorship

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In the shadows of democracy, a chilling trend emerges—a trend that threatens to silence dissent and stifle freedom of expression. Brendan O’Neill’s warning echoes through the halls of power, exposing the insidious nature of censorship in the digital age.

“We had the exact same thing in Britain after we voted for Brexit,” O’Neill declares, his words a stark reminder of the dangers of political opposition. “There was suddenly all this talk about misinformation and the need to control the flow of information online because they couldn’t believe that we defied them.”

From Brexit to Trump’s election, O’Neill traces a pattern of censorship following acts of defiance against the establishment. Governments, unable to tolerate dissent, resort to draconian measures to control the narrative and suppress dissenting voices.

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“The Biden camp has worked with Silicon Valley to restrict what people can see on the internet,” O’Neill reveals, exposing the collusion between political elites and tech giants to manipulate public discourse.

But the fight for freedom of expression is far from over. Across the globe, citizens are rising up against censorship, refusing to be silenced by authoritarian regimes and political elites.

“It’s because we voted in a way that they didn’t like,” O’Neill asserts. “And they instituted all these new ideas about controlling the internet, clamping down on misinformation.”

As the battle for free speech rages on, one thing is clear: the fight for democracy is far from over. With every voice silenced, the flames of resistance burn brighter, igniting a revolution against tyranny and oppression.

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