BREAKING: Trump Has 500 Million cash for bond; Shareholders greenlight Truth Social’s public debut, potentially granting Trump a $4 billion windfall.

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The recent decision by shareholders to take Truth Social, former President Donald Trump’s social media venture, public has ignited both speculation and controversy. Trump stands to gain a windfall of up to $4 billion as the company merges with Digital World Acquisition Corp, paving the way for Truth Social’s listing on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

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This move comes at a pivotal moment for Trump, amid ongoing legal battles and civil cases. However, the conversion of on-paper valuations into tangible assets poses a significant challenge. Trump may need to waive the six-month lockup period to access the funds, potentially impacting his ability to post the required bond for a New York real estate judgment.

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Trump’s assertion that the judgment against him is politically motivated raises concerns about the integrity of the legal process. His claim that the fine could hinder his ability to appeal the decision underscores broader questions about due process and fairness within the justice system.


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