BREAKING: House Freedom Caucus has called for Senator Mitch McConnell to be replaced immediately instead of waiting until November.

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Today’s Senate is so CORRUPT
that McConnell’s replacement is going to be just as bad
unless there is a miracle.
Pray for a miracle!
Let’s get some MAGA/AMERICA FIRST!

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Who will replace Mitch McConnell? The 3 Republicans who are likeliest to succeed him
Sen. John Thune
The 62-year old South Dakotan has been the No. 2 Republican in the Senate since 2019. He is a mild-mannered politician with a moderate streak. And he has been critical of former President Donald Trump, although he endorsed Trump’s 2024 bid for the White House on Sunday.

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Sen. John Cornyn
Cornyn, 71, from Texas, has been in the Senate since 2003. He is a former associate justice of the Texas Supreme Court who went on to serve as attorney general of that state as well.

Sen. John Barrasso
Barrasso, 71, hails from Wyoming, and is most likely to move into the second Republican spot behind McConnell’s successor.

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