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California Gun Control Lawmakers have been dealt another significant blow by Judge Roger Benitez. Many in the firearms community lovingly refer to the federal judge as “Saint Benitez” following his previous rulings which have aided California gun owners in the past. This time, he has graced gun owners in the Golden State with another blessing, this time striking down some of the state’s most restrictive ammunition purchasing hurdles.

Judge Benitez ruled in the Rhode v. Bonta case today that the state’s ammunition restrictions violate the Second Amendment. Judge Benitez’s ruling effectively blocks some of the most restrictive ammunition purchasing restrictions in the nation. Prior to this ruling, Californians were subject to background checks, import restrictions, and other hassles when it comes to acquiring ammunition. Prospective ammunition buyers had to get their ammunition shipped to an FFL. This meant that buyers often incurred fees and had to travel to and from wherever their ammunition shipped.

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This decision is effective immediately, meaning that the restrictions are as good as dead for the time being. As of right now, if you live in California, you can purchase ammunition without any hurdles. Ammunition can be purchased online and shipped directly to your door. Californian ammunition buyers will no longer have to go through an FFL just to acquire their ammunition anymore. The ammunition background check process is suspended and rendered null and void. As long as the ammunition is legal to own in California, you can get it.

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