Brace Yourselves For The Amount Of Insanity Hitting The U.S. This Winter

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The United States is in a bigger mess than ever. American Patriots are finally coming to face the stark reality that our economy isn’t in a good position and that the current party in control is doing nothing to stop our losses, but it’s far worse than most Americans realize.

The amount of insanity coming to the United States this year and the upcoming months is going to be one of the most challenging things to date, and the United States isn’t prepared. Listen up, patriots, because this is why the US market is going to crash this year and what you need to do about it!

Currently, the United States is facing an even bigger issue than we’ve faced in almost every previous year. With the current administration, this might not come as a shocker, but it can still be difficult to believe that right now, we’re facing an even worse economic collapse than we faced during the great depression.

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