Boston Mayor Wu supports not prosecuting shoplifting, larceny, and various property crimes.

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Boston Mayor Michelle Wu has expressed a stance on criminal prosecution, advocating for a soft-on-crime agenda. She supports a policy that would decline prosecution for certain offenses. Here are the details:

  1. Shoplifting
  2. Larceny
  3. Disorderly conduct
  4. Receiving stolen property
  5. Driving with a suspended license
  6. Breaking and entering with property damage
  7. Wanton and malicious destruction of property
  8. Threats
  9. Minor in possession of alcohol
  10. Marijuana possession
  11. Possession with intent to distribute
  12. Non-marijuana drug possession
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These crimes are included in a list that the former Suffolk County district attorney, Rachael Rollins, proposed to decline for prosecution. Mayor Wu’s position aligns with this approach, which has generated debate and discussion.


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