Boeing 767’s nose smashes into runway as plane makes emergency landing without a landing gear

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A Boeing 767 cargo plane has crashed upon landing in Turkey this morning after its landing gear failed when it came in to land.

The flight, operated by American postal service FedEx, took off from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport early this morning and was headed for Istanbul when the pilot realised the landing gear was malfunctioning.

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Shocking footage showed the moment the plane attempted an emergency landing, smashing down into the runway and scraping its nose along the concrete.

Sparks flew from the plane’s tattered fuselage as it crunched along the tarmac with smoke billowing from behind.

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The crash will only compound woes for Boeing which is already facing intense scrutiny amid a string of mishaps and controversy over safety concerns – not to mention the deaths of two whistleblowers just two months apart.

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