Bill Maher criticizes mainstream media for silencing COVID restriction skeptics.

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AMONG MANY OTHER THINGS: Bill Maher Mercilessly Drags the Media for Being Dead Wrong About COVID.


The experts were wrong. The people were right. The dissenting opinions turned out to be the ones who had a grip on science and reality. Even Maher noted he was the target of the media for pushing the theory that COVID came from a lab. It’s not a theory; even the FBI and the Biden administration, as the comedian noted, have come around to that determination for the cause of the pandemic. The lab was messing with COVID, conducting gain-of-function research on said virus, and ground zero was Wuhan. It’s not hard to connect the dots here, lab coats.

The fact that the dissenters were right and the political elites and their medical agents were wrong is why there will be no commission. Maher added that we love commissions. If there were one for COVID, Fauci would be pulled apart like pulled pork over his serial idiocy about the virus, the CDC’s endless contradictory and science fiction-based protocols, along with endless testimonies from families were denied mourning the passing of their loved ones because some busybodies were ensuring that the equally nonsensical social distancing edicts handed down by the medical class were enforced.

Fauci should lose his pension for what he did during COVID.

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