Driving Under Surveillance: Government Seeks Control Over Your Vehicle’s Speed

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by Doctor Congo

The National Transportation Safety Board wants to create a national database of your driving habits, and brick your car if you speed too often.

via ntsb.gov:

On Jan. 29, 2022, a 2018 Dodge Challenger entered an intersection near North Las Vegas, Nevada, against a red traffic signal with a vehicle recorded speed of 103 mph, causing a multivehicle collision with five other vehicles. Seven occupants of a minivan and the Challenger’s driver and passenger died as a result of the crash. The driver of the Challenger was determined to have been impaired by cocaine and PCP and had a history of multiple speeding offenses.

As a result of the investigation, the NTSB is issuing eight new and one reiterated recommendation to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one new recommendation to states and one new recommendation to manufacturers:

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  • Require ISA systems that, at a minimum, warn a driver a vehicle is speeding.
  • Educate the public about the benefits of ISA.
  • Update the guidelines for state highway safety programs to include identification and tracking of repeat speeding offenders.
  • Develop countermeasures to reduce repeat speeding offenses.
  • Conduct research and develop guidelines to assist states in implementing ISA interlock programs for repeat speeding offenders.
  • Incentivize the adoption of ISA through, for example, the New Car Assessment Program. This recommendation is reiterated from a 2017 recommendation.


You can expect this in all new cars someday soon. Then those cars will rust away in the dealerships just like millions of EVs.

Bunch of damn government low IQ busybodies. Someone will be rushing to the hospital and then their car stops right there on the highway.

I don’t consider WND to be a credible news source but this is their take on this issue:

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Just when you thought there were no parts of your life not already under the thumb of the federal government, a new idea emerges.

This time it comes from the National Transportation Safety Board and it involves outsiders having control of the gas pedal in your car.

While you’re driving, of course.

The proposal from the NTSB is to install “intelligent speed assistance” tech in all cars, a system that uses a car’s GPS location and local speed limit postings “to help ensure safe and legal speeds.”

The NTSB also has begun work on a campaign to require a “kill switch” in new cars, a process that would allow the automatic disabling of a vehicle under certain conditions.

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