Big Banks in Turmoil: Barclays Plans $1.25B Cost Cut, Deutsche Bank and HSBC Fluctuate, Massive Layoffs Sweep Finance and Tech Sectors

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The financial landscape is shifting as Barclays unveils a $1.25 billion cost-cutting plan with potential job cuts, contributing to a 26% share price drop under the current CEO. Deutsche Bank remains flat, while HSBC sees a 37% increase. The finance and tech sectors have witnessed over 20,000 job layoffs this year, challenging the traditional notion of a robust job market amid an unsettling economic backdrop. As liquidity concerns emerge, particularly in UBS with assets totaling $1.645 trillion, questions about the banking system’s stability and transparency come to the forefront.

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Fed Unrealized Losses Hit -$1.3 TRILLION – Banks Credit Growth Negative For 16 Straight Weeks!

Biden, Congress, and The Federal Reserve are increasingly disconnected from the struggles of America’s middle class. The Federal Reserve, a private entity, has the unique ability to pass its massive unrealized losses, now exceeding $1.3 trillion, onto the U.S. Treasury. This situation highlights the Fed’s controversial role in interest rate manipulation and its impact on the national economy. Additionally, FDIC-insured banks are facing significant losses, further exacerbated by negative bank credit growth for 16 consecutive weeks. These developments call into question the current financial policies and the very existence of the Federal Reserve in its current form.

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