Biden’s Regulatory Spending Rockets to Nearly Obama-Era Levels in Just ONE Week

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In a jaw-dropping display of regulatory spending, the Biden administration allocated a staggering $875.3 billion in just one week, coming dangerously close to surpassing President Obama’s total regulatory expenditure over two terms. This unprecedented surge in spending, driven primarily by climate change initiatives, has sparked concerns about fiscal responsibility and government overreach. Despite creating fewer rules, the Biden administration’s regulatory agenda comes with an exorbitant price tag, raising questions about its long-term impact on taxpayers and the economy.

  • The Biden administration spent $875.3 billion on regulatory issues in just one week, nearly matching President Obama’s total spending over two terms.
  • Climate change initiatives, such as stringent vehicle emission standards and new energy efficiency regulations, account for a significant portion of the spending.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency’s latest tailpipe emissions rules for passenger vehicles contributed to pushing the administration’s regulatory costs into trillion-dollar territory.
  • Despite creating fewer rules, the Biden administration’s regulatory costs far exceed those of previous administrations, ranking 17th in the world if treated as a country’s GDP.
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