Biden’s Job Approval Hits 38.7%, Making Him Most Unpopular President in Lifetime

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Ahead of the US elections 2024, US President Joe Biden has emerged as the least popular president in 70 years, according to a survey conducted by Gallup poll. Biden earned the title, by securing 38.7% job approval, way lower than Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. Whereas, Donald Trump secured a 46.8% job approval rating in the poll.

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Former US president Richard Nixon secured a 53.7% job approval rating, whereas Jimmy Carter earned a 47.7% approval rating. Dwight Eisenhower who became the US President in 1952, remained the most popular president in the country with a 73.2% rating in the survey.

According to the trend, every incumbent US President who has secured more than 50% approval rating has managed to win the next election as well. However, Barack Obama emerged as an exception after he managed to secure a victory for the second time in 2012, after getting a 46% approval rating six months before the elections.

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