Bidenomics Breakfast! Orange Juice Prices UP 47% Under Biden (Even Though Food CPI Has Slowed To 3.69% YoY)

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by confoundedinterest17

Even eating breakfast under Bidenomics is more expensive. Particularly if you like orange juice like I do. To save money, I am probably going to have to switch to nasty-tasting Tang.

Food CPI is up 3.69% year-over-year. The rate of growth in food prices is slowing. But do I trust BLS data on CPI? Of course not.

Orange juice prices are up 47% under Biden.

And we see that REAL GDP is growing at a slower rate than nominal GDP.

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Tang is the taste I hate and I can get Vitamin C from a multi vitamin. But I just don’t like having government policies (or follycies) dictate my food consumption. Or auto choice (I refused to buy an electric car or pickup truck).

Speaking of Bidenomics, here is an interesting Zero Hedge story on “The Biden-Du Pont Nexus: From A Prestigious Golf Club To A Controversial Child Rape Plea Deal.” What is it with Delaware elites having sex with their children?? And why is NY AG Letitia James prosecuting Donald Trump when there has been no crime while she let’s Epstein’s clients who flew to have sex with minors (used to be illegal) off the hook?

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But I feel good! After my breakfast of … Scotch Broth. OJ is just too expensive.

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