Biden DOJ admits evidence tampering in Trump case

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In a startling admission, the Biden Department of Justice confessed to tampering with boxes containing “classified” documents seized from Trump, raising serious questions about the integrity of the prosecution. The revelation contradicts previous assurances given to the court and casts doubt on the handling of sensitive evidence.

According to the DOJ’s own acknowledgment, the FBI created an index and replaced handwritten sheets with classified cover sheets, potentially altering the original state of the documents. While efforts were made to correlate the documents with classification markings, the admission of placeholders and the presence of remaining handwritten sheets further muddy the waters.

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This egregious mishandling of evidence undermines the credibility of the prosecution and threatens the integrity of the case against Trump. The revelation of evidence tampering is a clear violation of due process and calls into question the fairness of the judicial proceedings.

As calls for accountability grow louder, it is imperative that the DOJ takes swift and decisive action to address this blatant breach of trust. Failure to do so risks irreparable harm to the justice system and undermines the principles of fairness and transparency.


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