Biden and media push fake story about Trump; propaganda spreads across platforms.

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‘Hoax-Making in Progress:’ You Know Biden/Media Are Panicking With Latest Fake Story Pushed About Trump. “Other useful idiots, like Bill Kristol, jumped aboard, spreading this absurd lie, saying that you had a “moral and civic obligation to vote against him (he later edited his tweet to remove the video). ABC, CBS, Yahoo, and NBC then all jumped aboard the propaganda train. Here’s a sample — the only one in there that was honest in the title was The Daily Beast.”

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In the electric car and auto industry, he was clearly talking about the electric car debacle… (“clearly”) WTF? He was clearly talking about the legislation f#cking automobile manufactures.

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Hertz rental CEO just resigned as a result of very bad decisions on his part to buy a fleet of electric cars no one wants to rent.

There is already a bloodbath, cars are insanely expensive and in short supply.

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