Biden administration faces backlash amid escalating migrant crime crisis.

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Reporters are taking aim at President Biden for what they perceive as a lack of attention to the escalating migrant crime crisis sweeping across America. Critics argue that the Biden administration’s reversal of numerous Trump-era immigration policies has contributed to the worsening situation.

In a candid admission, Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security stated, “We have rescinded so many Trump immigration policies; it would take so much time to list them.” This acknowledgment has raised concerns among journalists and the public about the impact of undoing policies that had previously shown effectiveness in managing immigration challenges.

Critics contend that the administration’s actions may have inadvertently dismantled years of progress at the border, leading to a surge in migrant-related criminal activities. The Biden administration faces mounting pressure to address the consequences of policy changes and to formulate effective strategies to combat the growing crisis.

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