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James O’Keefe is retiring

After 20 years of doing undercover investigations, I’m sadly announcing I’m stepping away from journalism and will intend to live a private life away from the spotlight. It has been too hard on me. The millions in legal fees, the constant defamation, the psychological toll of being targeted by the government and now being sued by the organization I founded — it’s just too much for a man to bare and the pressure is too much to take. I can see no reason to continue, because as many say, nothing ever happens to these people as a result of exposing them. Therefore, I’m going to retire from exposing the truth and catching corruption on tape. I’ll be resigning from the public spotlight and will attempt to live a private life free from attack. To the thousands of sources on the inside that have messaged me and need me, I hope you find another organization for you to go to and again I’m sorry. James

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