Berlin Film Festival Invites, Then Disinvites AfD Politicians

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by Chris Black

The German government is insane.

They control the entire culture, as in a dystopian novel.

In the US, the situation is more or less the same, arguably, but it’s at least more complicated and less surreal.

In a democracy, the supposed ability of the people to petition grievances is via voting.

This is different than in an “autocracy,” where you directly petition the government for policy change.

An autocracy or a dictatorship or a kingdom or whatever you want to call it has to meet certain demands of the people, because it doesn’t have the escape hatch of voting.

In a democracy, any hated leader can always escape by simply resigning or being voted out. In our experience, this always results in someone very similar taking over and doing the same thing, then being replaced again, indefinitely, all while a “deep state” bureaucracy remains run by the same individuals.

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Here’s the thing: if voting does not work, you do not have any form of petition of grievance.

It is an absolute state of tyranny when the total opposition party, which is almost certainly the most popular party in the country, is down by law.

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Two star members of the Berlin Film Festival’s jury on Thursday criticised a decision to withdraw invitations to hard-right politicians, with one suggesting the event could have broadened the lawmakers’ horizons.

Five members of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party were invited to the opening ceremony on Thursday evening alongside other elected politicians.

But organisers withdrew the invites last week amid a nationwide uproar after it emerged members of the party had discussed deportations of ethnic minorities at a secret meeting.


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