Before halving, Bitcoin costs over 100 CO2e per coin, emits more pollution than countries, yet serves less than daily card transactions.

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After 15 years Bitcoin has officially processed nearly as many transactions as the world needs in one day.

In 2022, global credit card transactions were estimated to total 678 billion, or 1.86 billion per day.,%2D10%20in%2Dstore%20purchases.

Bitcoin costs (before recent halving) more than 100 CO2e per coin and emits more pollution than whole countries, yet over 15 years it served less than a daily number of in-store credit card use? And Lightning intends to use what network to support it? How much better is that than “traditional” finance? We exist during a very strange time… Moore’s Law is breaking, the tech buzz is losing steam, and we seem to be inventing problems at this point…

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