Barcelona will revoke licenses for 10,101 short-term rentals by 2028 to tackle housing costs.

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Barcelona has taken significant steps to address the impact of short-term rentals on housing affordability. By November 2028, the city plans to revoke the licenses of 10,101 apartments currently approved for short-term rentals, including those listed on platforms like Airbnb and Homeaway. The decision comes in response to soaring housing costs in Barcelona, which has become Spain’s most-visited city by foreign tourists. Mayor Jaume Collboni aims to make housing more accessible for residents, recognizing that the boom in short-term rentals has contributed to rising rents (up 68% in the past decade) and increased home purchase costs (up 38%). The move reflects a broader trend across Europe, where local governments grapple with balancing economic benefits from tourism with the need for affordable housingWhile some critics express concerns about potential illegal tourist apartments, the city remains committed to maintaining a strong inspection regime to enforce the ban.

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